mouse deer and elephant in the jungle

Once Upon a time all the animals living in the jungle lived peacefully. They helped each other and were friendly. The lion was the king of the jungle. He governed thr animals in his kingdom in the jungle.
Among the animal living in he jungle aws the mouse deer. The mouse deer was always cheerful and evry confident. He was known as a tricky and intelligent animal. Because of his intelligence and cleverness, the mouse deer became conceited and over confidet. He ebused is intelligence to deceive other animals.
“ I’m the cleverest in the jungle. I am the best. No other animal can compare me.”
“ if an animal is afraid of the tiger, the crocodile or the elephant, it is because they are big and fierce, but when they deal with me, I can always cheat them.”
The mouse deer’s other habit is wandering. He would roam the jungle from one corner to another. He has the nerves to go anywhere.
One day ………….
“ boy, it’s bad it’s going to rain. Ieave home or otherwise I’ll get all wet.”
The branches of these trees might fall on me.
The mouse deer run and run quikly, looking up to observe the clouds. Growing darker and darker. He did not notice there aws a big hole in front of him, waiting to swallow him. And …. He plunged into the hole ….
“ oh, I am near death ! “
luckily, some shrubs and grass grew thick at the bottom of the hole …. So it was a smooth landing.
“ but how can I can get this hole. This hole is very deep too deep for me to reach the surface on the ground above.”
The mouse deer tried hard to jump onto the surface but could not reach it ired and hopeless, he could rest, thinking of possible way to get out of the hole …..
After long enough of waiting and trying, he eventually heard the sounds of heavy steps …..
“ what is that sound up there ?”
From the depth of the hole, he could see the elephant passing by ….
“ Elephant ! come here quikly !”
“ Dear elephant. You’re the mighty one. I care for you. You’re good friend of mine. I must tell you that world is going to end ….”
“ the sky above us is going to collapse and fall to the ground …. Look up for yourself ! Now you can see.”
The Elephant who had never noticed the sk above before suddenly feft scared ….the sky is really dark and blue.
“ The sky is really dark.” “look ! the coulds are moving. That’s the sign that the sky is going to fall.” ” You’re right,mouse deer ! the sky is going to fall …. But why are run you hising down there ? why don’t you run and escape. Come up quikly.” Elephant
“ please speak slowly, between you and me, I am trying to avoid the sky when it falls. That’s why I have to get some protection. If the sky falls, Ill be safe in here …. I can go out anytime, when it safe out there. do you understand, elepahant ?”
“ oh that’s very kind of to tell me, dear mouse deer. Please let me get go down and join join in your hiding place. Please let me go down. I’m scared. The sky is going to fall on.” Elephant
“ well, you’re a good friend of mine. Now get down and safe yourself in this safe place.”
The elephant wnet down into the hole slowly. Yhe mouse deer moved aside to avoid his big body.
“well, well, you have to stay here go nowhere.” Elephant
“ I’m going to go and see our friends up there. We might have to help them too. I’m going to tell them to hide here.”
The Elephant obeyed and sit down. The mouse deer leaped onto his back and onto the ground. The elephant did not realize that the mouse deer had trick on him. What a clever animal !! ….he was very happy.only in second the mouse deer was already on th ground. Wirhount looking back, he run quikly into the jungle. Leaving the el

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