girl in the mirror

akhirnya setelah sekian lama aku bisa meluangkan waktuku tuk nulis di blog aku lagi..

kali ini aku akan menceritakan sebuah cerita yang berjudul girl in the mirror

One day, I was at a party when some body dared me to go into the bedroom in the basement, turn off the lights,and close the door. I had stayed there for five minutes. After about a minute, the light starter flicker on an off. I was sure it was one of my friends playing a trick on me. About the third time the lights flickered, i noticed a beautiful girl in the mirror and her hand was reaching toward me. I heard a voice but I had a hard time to understand, I finally realized that the girl was uttering,”beware, he’s coming.” I felt a tap on my back and all of sudden, she was gone. I ran out sreaming and my friends made fun of me. the next night when my family was asleep, it rained so heavily and my cat,rosie, ws dead.

hehe .  . . jika ada kesalahan moho di maafkan.

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